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I studied electronics but have been working in the oil industry my whole life mostly in piping and pipe inspection. I have travelled extensively and been in well over 50 countries. I am not working anymore due to health issues. Traveling comes at a price.

When I found the HitchWiki, I figured I should share some of my experiences from when I was young. Admittedly, that was a long time ago. Some 35 years to be precise. However, since I hitchhiked 60,000 - 70,000 km per year for a 2 year period, I may have some experience that others may benefit from. Surely I had some incidents with both the people who picked me up and also the police on a few occasions, though never something that would deter me from traveling by means of hitchhiking. As a matter of fact, many, but not all, negative experiences are also funny at the same time. The experiences I had during those years were some of the best in my life and , still today after all these years, I look back at this with a big smile on my face. They were without a doubt some of the best times I ever had in my life and completely outweighed the negative experiences.

I guess I could write a book about it, and on one occasion, a journalist whom picked me up and gave me a ride thought the same thing apparently and wrote a story about my hitchhiking experience which got published on the front page of the Saturday edition of the newspaper. (Yes, back than we had newspapers. lol)