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Born 21 years ago in the province of Drenthe, Netherlands, a place that makes you want to travel. Started my hitchhike career in New Zealand. I think it's a fantastic way to get close to the locals, most social way of travelling. Not harmfull for the environment and it doesn't cost anyone. It happened a few times that taxi drivers get angry at people that pick me up even scare them away (Turkey) But I would never take a taxi so it's not an unfair competion


- Picton(NZ) - Abel Tasman National Park [200 km]

- Breda(NL) - Glastonbury(UK) ,not completely hitchiked. England sucks [300/600 km]

- Twist(Germany) - Helsinki(Fin) - Moscow(RU) [3500 km]

- Istanbul(Turkey) - Sukhumi(Abkhazia/Georgia) - Yerevan(Armenia) - Tehran(Iran) [4000 km]

- Tbilisi(Georgia) - Budapest(Hungaria) [3000 km]

- Paris(FR) - Bilbao(SP) - Barcelona - Andorra - Toulouse(FR) - Amsterdam(NL) [3250 km]

Total km hitchiked: 14250 km

Longest single ride: 900 km (Limoges(FR)- Amsterdam(NL)

Longest distance in 24 hours: 1200 km (Toulouse(FR) - Amsterdam)

Favourite countries: Turkey, France, Bulgaria

Most awful countries: England, Spain

Crazy things that happened

- Picked up by a wedding and joined the party in Abkhazia

- Picked up by Russians in Poland who got me drunk in 15 minutes.

- Picked up by Serbian "Mafia" who wanted me to give him 5 euro.

- A Truck driver in Turkey put on porn in his truck and tried to sexually assualt me, I punched him and got out his truck in the middle of the night. Yeah I thought it was crazy too.