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I grow up in Perpignan, France but since 1 year i'm in love about traveling by hichhiking and i'm actualy hitchhiking around the continent. Hope to do it on all the world.

Hitchhiking is the greatest way to move, you can go everywhere when you want, no limit, if there is a road it mean you can go on it! You don't need money to discover this amazing world, only your smile, this is the real freedom.

I start hitchhiking few years ago, to move from village to village around where i live because there is not public transport. Then i discovered i can also make long distance by this way and it's like that i started traveling everywhere, only the thump and a bag. My traveling experience by hh are: Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Tchek rep, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Italia, Slovenia, Swissland, Spain and France.

I also pick up hitchhiker as always i see a thumb up while i drive a car in my home region, full of poeple hitchhiking here, especialy in summer.

I have a travel blog: