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Artti, one cheerful guy started to hitchhike first time in 2008, when he wanted to visit his friend 200 kilometers away and bus ticket for that was to expensive. In year 2009 on 3rd of August he started travelling-hitchhiking trip Estonia-Portugal-Sicily. He is still on the road and covered by now more than 40000 kilometers by hitchhiking in Europe and Morocco. He is living in south France at the moment and working in surf camp to collect money for hitchhiking in Asia. He writes about his trip in blogs in (medium) English and in Estonian.

Artti's weirdest position in the car


  • In November 2011 he hitchhiked in north of Spain on a van that went to south of Morocco, he went along with four days ride(2000 kilometers).
  • Once he left 150 euros and a passport in the car. Driver wrote him few months later and sent the things back.
  • Several male drivers tried to touch him in the car. Artti says: just laugh and be confident.
  • Once he ended up playing Nintento Wii all night long with driver.
  • Older couple in Spain invited him to have family dinner in some ancient monastery they owned. He ate four hours meat, bread and drinked nice wine. Later at that night they took a room for him in a hostel.
  • One driver in Madrid had fight with his girlfriend, so he decided to make long ride. After seeing his sign, he know where to drive. Also bought him a room in the hostel.
  • Truck driver allowed him to sleep in his truck and later invited him to have lunch with his family. He gave also new set of clothes.
  • He has experince being invited many times to sleep at the drivers place for one night. Or to have a party. On countless occasions have received money in ranges of 1 euro to 30 euros, and of course food. People want to be part of your story.