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[1] I'm Lisa, or an aimless hitchhiker. I started hitchhiking a decade ago for a number of reasons.

One reason was that I was too poor to travel any other way. Another reason was that it fitted in with my anti-capitalist, anarchist way that I wanted to live...filling up empty seats in cars, using less fossil fuels, is a good thing to do! And also, I was sick of hearing that women shouldn't hitchhike, that the world is a dangerous place for us.

It was because people told me that women shouldn't hitchhike that I started hitchhiking and wild camping alone. I wanted to prove that the world wasn't as dangerous for women as people make it out to be. I wanted to prove that there is good everywhere. I wanted to show that I can do just as much as a man.

After ten years of hitchhiking and wild camping, I have found that the world is full of beautiful people. I have experienced kindness everywhere, and have been hosted all over the world.

But I have also found that the world is sexist, patriarchal and sometimes misogynist. Like other women hitchhikers, I have experienced sexual harrassment when in cars. But rather than stay at home, I will continue to hitchhike. The answer is not for women to stay at home. The answer is to challenge patriarchy and to challenge men's behaviour so that it will change, and so that we can live in a world where women aren't seen as sexual objects.

Having said all this, I have only had negative experiences in a handful of cars and I have hitchhiked hundreds, if not thousands, of lifts. The world, and the people in it, are beautiful, and hitchhiking has really made me see this.

You can read my hitchhiking tales at an aimless hitchhiker