Traffic light hitchhiking

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Hitchhiking in towns is easy from traffic lights and parking places.

There is a simple hitchhiker rule of thumb that states: the faster the cars the more space is needed to spot the hiker, slow down and stop the car. Very good places to approach people are therefore petrol stations as people do stop and have time and also traffic lights as people have to stop.

When a car stands still, it is easy to talk to people in the car. Most hitchhikers develop their own gesture (showing a sign, smile and doing some sort of hand/finger movement) that asks drivers to open their windows without being scared. Another technique is to look at the driver, approach the window and, if the driver hesitates to open the window start to talk: "Can I ask you something"?

This kind of hitchhiking is especially useful on main streets, ring roads and streets leading out of a city. However, you might even appreciate lift of a couple of hundred meters within a city.

See also roundabout.