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For using this template, copy&paste the following code to the top of the Romanian county article you want to edit.

{{Infobox Romanian County
|map       = 
|country   = 
|area      = 
|pop       = 
|seat      = 
|plate     = 
|motorways = 
|footnotes = 

How to fill in the stuff

After adding the code, you can fill in the information; – if you're not sure, just leave things blank so that another hitchhiker can edit it. map = a special tag for the inclusion of a map view (see Help:Maps), country = , pop = population of the county, seat = , plate = licence plate(s) of the region/county; and motorways the motorways leading through the county. (footnotes)

Thanks a lot and have fun using the template. For more information about this, have a look at How to add the country infobox.

Infobox Romanian County
Country: [[Image:flag_{{{country}}}.png|20x18px|border|Flag of {{{country}}}]] [[{{{country}}}]]
Area: {{{area}}}
Population: {{{pop}}}
Seat: {{{seat}}}
Licence Plate: {{{plate}}}
Motorways: {{{motorways}}}