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Taupo is a city in New Zealand.

Hitching out


There is a new express way which bypasses the town, so unless you want to walk 10km to where it meets the old road i suggest you walk south along the lake front until you get to a mobil service station on your left and the turn off to napier. walk up this road to the right, and you will come to an intersection with a roundabout where you can then turn left heading towards hamilton and auckland and hitch on the shoulder there. http://goo.gl/maps/Gyi5


South: the same directions as above, except you can turn right at the roundabout and hitchhike in the direction of turangi/wellington. or just past the mobil service station (mentioned above) if you continue straight there is a big space free on the left with empty parking and alot of room for cars to stop and for you to stand. hitch here to head towards turangi and wellington.

East towards Napier

Same as mentioned for heading north but head straight ahead at the roundabout.


There is a free and rather beautiful group of natural hot springs you can swim in. the place is just past the bungy jump platform on spa rd. turn left its called the thermal spa walk or area.

It has 2 hot pools with hot water falls. a nice place to relax and forget your trying to hitch anywhere.