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Border Crossing To Russia

As mentioned on hitchwiki and all other convenient sources about travelling issues, it has always been impossible to cross the border from Azerbaijan to Russia and the other way around for NON CIS citizens. The ministry of foreign affairs of Germany published that this finally changed and also Non CIS citizens can cross the border, making it also possible to cross the border by hitchhiking.

Here is the source, but only in German:

Die Beschränkungen für den russisch-aserbaidschanischen Grenzübergang Samur-Jalama wurden aufgehoben. Damit handelt es sich nunmehr um einen internationalen Grenzübergang mit den üblichen Reisebestimmungen. Eine Einreise ist daher auch für Deutsche, die über gültige Visa für Aserbaidschan und die Russische Föderation verfügen, möglich.


It means:

" The restrictions for the russian-azeri border crossing Samur-Jalama were abolished. This means that from now on it is an international border crossing with the ordinary travel rules. A crossing is now also possible for German (and other nationalities of course) citizens with valid visa for Azerbaijan and the Russian federation "

As I could not find any independent confirmation I would be very happy if somebody that crossed there so far or at least tried so could share informations here.

Greeting, dorfdisco

  • Last summer, the same happened at the Russian-Georgian border. First, the opening of the border was only a rumour and still contested by many who claimed it was still impossible to cross, however the border has since then been crossed by a number of hitchhikers including me ;-) Since the information about Azerbaijan/Russia is even published on an official German website, I would definitely consider it as legit ... --N0id (talk) 13:48, 14 November 2012 (CET)

--- Thank you for the summer I will try my luck and write down the result here. Best regards from Dortmund to Magdeburg :)