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Flag of Swaziland Swaziland
Language: English, SiSwati
Capital: Mbabane
Population: 1,185,000
Currency: Lilangeni (SZL)
Hitchability: <rating country='sz' />
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<map lat="-26.568803675912" lng="31.521972656249" zoom="7" view="0" float="right" />

The Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as the Kingdom of Swaziland) is a small, landlocked monarchy in Southern Africa, which borders both South Africa and Mozambique. The two official and most widely spoken languages are siSwati and English. Overall, the country is very safe, people are friendly, and the hitching is great.


siSwati is a Bantu language that is very similar to Zulu, and is the most widely spoken language in eSwatini. In general, everyone speaks siSwati and maybe a bit of English; in general, younger people speak more English than the old.


  • Sawubona (singular)
  • Sanbonani (plural)
How are you? Unjani
I'm fine Ngiyapila
I'm happy Ngijabulile
Thank you Ngiyabonga


Ngifuna kuya ____ I want to go to ____
Stop Mani


It's good to be here Kumnanzi kuba lapha


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