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Hitchhiking out
The marina is really small, when I arived there were only 17 sailboats. But for me it worked very well. It took me only about 30 minutes to find a lift to Canaries (i am lucky bastard). I was there in half of december and there were more boats going to Canaries and from there continueing to Senegal, Cape verde or across the ocean to America. But locals also told me about a hitchhiker who was looking here for a boat 2 weeks. You never know...
=== Sleeping ===
About 20km north of Agadir, along the coastal road, you'll find the surfer village of Tarazout. About 1.5 km north of this village, there's a small lonely hotel/pension, just next to it you'll find a great empty beach for camping. There' also some caves where locals are kind of living. Hitchhiking from up the road to both directions is straightforward and easy.
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