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West towards M4 (Sipson (for grow heathrow), Bristol, South Wales)
=== West towards [[M4 (Sipson (for grow heathrow), Bristol, South Wales)]] ===
Walk from the top end of London road (Preston Circus). Walk up the road with Barclays on one side and the pub "Preston Circus" on the other. Just keep walking up that road for 15-20 minutes. Or just ask someone for "Preston Road" that is the road you want to be walking along. You will be walking past a park on one side and Travel Lodge and other various buildings on the other side. Hitch from the rock garden opposite the park just by traffic lights, there is a side turning for cars to turn into. Its just before the Shell petrol station. Write "M25 West" and make sure the driver is going past Cobham service station.
=== M25 Service stations ===

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