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South towards Tarragona, Valencia {{Aes|C-32}}
=== South towards [[Tarragona]], [[Valencia]] {{Aes|C-32}} ===
(Petrol station on Granvia de l'Hospitalet leading to motorway C-32).
Take metro L1 (red) Red line to ''Bellvitge''station. Turn right out of the station and walk south ≈300m along Rambla Marina to the Avenida de laDe La. Turn right and walk west ≈200m to the Galp petrol station. :We took a metro to the second last stop of the red line (Bellvitge) and walked three minutes on Rambla Marina towards We then hitched a couple of minutes in the [ traffic lights] and got our first ride (if you go up to the Granvia there is a petrol station right there [ petrol station] but we did not know it). After four more fairly easy rides we were in Valencia. --[[User:Astikain|Astikain]] ([[User talk:Astikain|talk]]) 15:29, 24 April 2013 (CEST) :We (3 chicas) started to hitchhike at the traffic lights, were there no more than 10 min and got an easy ride, good place, easy to stop. BBbinni, 19/4/2019 I do not recommend this option. I spent 7 hours in the sun, switching from the ramp (which factually is.a.perfect spot) to the gas station with no luck. I speak spanish so I asked everyone that I saw at the gas station, they were all mainly going to the nearby villages.or to the airport, and several truckers let me know that most people take the A7, especially truckers. Mario Cecilia, 27/7/2016 The same problem, i spent here whole day and have to sleep in the tent behind gas station. Two girls came in 30 min after me, took a car in 20 min. Drivers gave me some money but did not take without explanation. Rustam Ukraine 31/08/2019
=== North West towards [[Manresa]], [[Andorra]] {{Aes|C-16}} {{E|9}} ===
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