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Option 4: Motorway service station M5 Inárcs
==== Option 4: Motorway service station M5 Inárcs ====
Take the metro 3 to ''Népliget''. Take bus [ Volánbusz 608] to ''Inárcsi elág (M5-ös út)''. After approximately 30km, it will leave the motorway and go to Inárcs. Remember the way and get off the bus at the first stop (shortly past where the town starts) and walk back to the OMV petrol station where the bus left the motorway. Take care, because there is no sidewalk and cars/trucks can be quite fast. It is the first big petrol station on M5 after Budapest [] and there will be cars and trucks to all the southerly destinations - just ask around. You can look for foreign plates if you want to leave the country.<br/ >
Transport will cost 350 HUF for a metro ticket and HUF 650 for the bus (Sep 2015November 2019*[[User:Movethathoof|Movethathoof]] made the trek out here in November 2019 (be sure you find the right bus buy at the terminal!) and had a ride to Timisoara in Romania with the very first car that passed him (and the station looked like it would have been an excellent spot even if he hadn't had such luck).
=== South towards [[Érd]], [[Pécs]] (6, M6) {{European Route Number|73}} ===

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