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* We (1 girl, 1, boy) took the bus #83 to the last station. Here we ask for the bus 91A and stop to Analipsi (Ανάληψη). We walked 15min and joined the toll. From the toll we waited 5min, a Turkish truck stoped. The all trip Thessaloniki - toll costed us 2€, but really efficient. (Adrien L, July 2019.)
*For me the best option to reach the bp gas station was to take the bus 83b, it stops 300m further and you just walk 5 minutes back in the direction you came from. For me it was super fast to get a ride till alexandropoulialexandroupoli. You just have to walk around and ask the drivers directly because they are really scared to take you. The guy I went with even wanted to see my passport. So be prepared to convince the people that it’s not a risk if they will take you. (Blanka, September 2019)
=== North-West to [[Skopje]] ([[North Macedonia]]) ===

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