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= Links ==
*[ Hitchhiking Blog]
*[ another hitchhiking blog of the 2016 Europe tour with no money]
== Experience ==
François estimate a total of 60.000kms hitchhiking in more than 40 countries.
=== 2015 ===
At 19 years old, Francois start for the first time to hitchhike.
=== 2016 ===
As a part of his cursus in University, François made a 4 months Europe tour with no money (hitchhiking and asking for accommodation and food).You can read about it [ here].
=== 2017 ===
As hitchhiking became a passion, he participate in several hitchhiking race such at ''La Mad Jacques'', a french ''hitchhiking festival''.
During an internship in China, he hitchhike for a week-holiday over there from [[Suzhou]] to [[Zhangjiajie]] National Park. You can read about it [ here].
=== 2018 ===
Made He started a trip from world tour fully hitchhiking, ocean included.He started in the North of [[New York City]] to [[Buenos AiresFrance ]]on the 10th of October. You can read about it on [ blog]. === 2019 ===He reached South America on May 2019.
==== [[Europe]] ====
==== [[Asia]] ====
[[China]], [[Hong-Kong]]

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