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Donostia-San Sebastián

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is not tolled. Stand at any of the motor way entrances with a sign saying N1 and possibly sur (south) and you should get on the N1 easily enough. As this is a national road and not a motorway there are plenty of service-stations along the way. Meaning you only need to get short ride first and you will be able to change for something
* From my experience in february 2019, the easiest way to go to Vitoria-Gasteiz is to take a bus until a stop named Añorga Txiki which is south of the city, directly on the road to Gasteiz , here there is a roundabout and at the bus stop there is a huge space for people to stop. I was caught by the first car who passed. Best of luck to you
=== West towards [[Bilbao]] ===

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