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Personal experience: Blitz and J successfully hitchhiked to Morocco in February 2018. J speaks French and this was essential for communicating with drivers and securing rides. We first tried to pass by the final police check before trucks board the ferry, the on duty officer told us it was impossible, had never been done and we couldn’t pass. Having read hitchwiki we knew this wasn’t true and decided to persist, passing through the fence elsewhere was not an option because we both had packs and the area from the fence to the ferry is large so we would have been spotted immediately. J suggested we try at the roundabout before the final police check anyway incase the officer on duty had changed. We spoke to truck drivers and were both taken through within 20 minutes by trucks. When passing through the police check the officer had changed and the officer on duty barely glanced at either of us.
Me and my friend were not able to make it past the police checkpoints in september 2018. As we tried to walk around the (first?) checkpoint two police officers in a car came and told us to go back. We didnt try it any longer so maybe if you are more sneaky and resistant you can make it.
== Coming from Morocco ==

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