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Hi there!!

I'm Loïs also known as Lora.
I started hitchhiking at the beginning of 2017 with the idea of travelling from France to Canada, going east and without taking any plane. I had always been attracted by this way of moving, and couldn't find anybody among my friends to try it with me. So when I left my job and everything to go on the road I decided to start doing it alone. But I wasn't really alone because I spent hours reading and learning from the hitchhiking communities through pages like Hitchwiki.
Do now I'm also contributing how I can, updating informations on various pages or creating new ones for the next hitchhikers.

You can find me on BeWelcome [] and Trustroots [] (and C$ ...)

You can also find me on Hitchlog []

And I also have a personal blog for family and friends where I write my travelling and hitchhiking stories here []

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