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''There is usually not seat obligatory reservation in another type of trains (excluding SJ and OresundsTaag trains) and you can buy ticket inside train. But is some type of train (Veolia) you can pay only with credit card (so you just say that you have cash only and you will have to get off only).''
''PeterOB was captured many times, including SJ Snabstaag and he was always only kicked out without penalty or showing ID. They But one time - they ask for his ID in SJ SnabbTaag and they made extra stop for small station for kicking him out. And during another journey - they gave echo to next trains in SJ Snabbstaag from Malmo to Stockholm. BUT if you are more north, (not close to Malmo), then some stations have not waiting room, you have to wait outside (or waiting room can be closed during night). Next train can be many hours later (there is only 1 train per day (in one direction) in few stations) and winter in Sweden is not like winter in Italy. Death during exam is possible in winter time in case tat you will fail and there is not waiting room in your station (or waiting room is closed during night).''
''PeterOB has been finding quite hard system of train names, types and companies, and correlation with train types and types at . There are many train companies in Sweden, name of train company is not always the same name like name of train type. Many long journey trains (include regionals) belongs to SJ dancing company. And at there are local and regional blue trains (usually R or REG in north) and green long journey trains (X2, IC, NZ). All green trains and few blue trains belongs to SJ. In north – the regional SJ train (Övriga, blue at can be part of long-journey green train (NZ, SJ Nattaag). It is usually branch from Boden to Luleaa – short branch from long journey Stockholm-Narvik, or even between Sundsvall and Luleaa can be blue R train – SJ Övriga the same like green NZ train – SJ Nattag between Sundsvall and Boden. NZ 10093 is blue at, but is long journey SJ Nattag (and SJ Ovria during part of journey).''
If you are kicked out, you can wait for next SJ Snabbtaag, but it is better to get out from Tranas and Almhult to better station (Alvesta resp. Mjolby-Linkoping). There is once a hour (once a 2 hour in weekend) good Oresundstaag train between Malmo-Lund_Hassleholm-Alvesta-(Kalmar), you can use it for this region. And there is usually often (once a 30-60 min) Ostgotapendel train between Tranaas-Mjolby-Linkoping. Lot of local trains with lot of people goes between Linkoping-Norkoping-Stockholm. There are only few trains with lot of stops between Alvesta-Nassjo-Mjolby, it is really good idea to take SJ Snabtaag only there.
There is once a day train '''from Malmö to Stockholm – Veolia transoprt Sverige AB''' (R 9340 at like regional), train goes from Malmo 9:20 (R 3940) to Stockholm 14:31. Stops with Veolia company are: ''(Malmö, Lund, Eslöv station, Hässleholm, Alvesta, Nässjö, Linköping , Norrköping, Södertälje, Stockholm)''. Another direction - R 3941 9:14 from Stockholm to Malmö (Stockholm Central 9:14 BO, Södertälje Syd 9:33 BO, Norrköping Central 10:51, Linköping Central 11:19, Nässjö Central 12:18, Alvesta station 12:59, Hässleholm Central 13:45 GO, Eslöv station 14:10 GO, Lund Central 14:20 GO, Malmö Central 14:40 GO). This train has about 9 4-5 wagons and relative lot of people inside, it is quite crowded train in daytime with most of passengers, so it should be easy there (long train, lot of passengers, and conductor do not see you). This train is on departure table SJ IC or SJ Snalltaget and blue R at is usually only one SJ Snalltaget during day, but some days more SJ SnallTagets go (One Friday PeterOB found 3 SJ Snalltaget per day from Malmo to Stockholm. And the SJ Snalltaget after noon do npt stop between Alvesta and Linköping.) There is even better train once a day between Malmo and Stockholm in afternoon. This train has about 9 wagons (pretty long train) and pretty lot of people inside (almost no free seat). How many conductors are inside train and how often they check - that is question. '''IC 204''' (Sometimes IC 10204) (Malmö Central 15:16 BO, Lund Central 15:27-15:29 BO, Hässleholm Central 16:03-16:05, Alvesta station 16:47-16:49, Nässjö Central 17:30-17:32, Linköping Central 18:33-18:35, Norrköping Central 19:00-19:02, Södertälje Syd 20:12-20:13 GO, Stockholm Central 20:33 GO) '''IC 207''' (Sometimes IC 10207) (Stockholm Central 14:59 BO, Södertälje Syd 15:19 BO, Norrköping Central 16:41-16:43, Linköping Central 17:10-17:12, Nässjö Central 18:12-18:14, Alvesta station 18:53-18:55, Hässleholm Central 19:36-19:38, Lund Central 20:09-20:11 GO, Malmö Central 20:22 GO) 
Between Malmo and Stockholm goes once a night dance floor '''SJ Nattaget''' (NZ1 at Between Stockholm and Malmo journey takes almost 8 hours. Stops are similar like SJ SnabbTaag, but not the same.
There are quite lot of local trains between Alvesta and Malmo and between Mjolby and Stockholm too. But '''between Alvesta - Nässjö - Mjölby''' only long journey trains go often, if you are somewhere between big stations, there is only Crosatagen with 2-3 wagons and lot of stops, and only once 1-6 hours.
Usually once 2 hours '''SJ SnabbTaag goes from Malmö to Goteborg''' with 3 stops (Lund, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Goteborg) Stops are always the same. First train from Malmo 6:05 and Last train from Malmo 18:00. SJ Snabbstaag goes from Malmo (to Goteborg): 6:05, 6:59, 9:37, 11:05, 13:05, 16:00, 18:00.

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