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'''''Paso Pérez Rosales''''' on a Ruta with no number, from Puerto Frías in Argentina in Rio Negro province. Nearest Argentinian town of size is called Llao Llao, near [[Bariloche]]. You'll have to take several seasonal ferries in both Argentina and Chile to get here. The nearest town of size on the Chilean side is called Peulla in Region X de Los Lagos. This border is not visible on Google Maps, only on Open Street Maps. Please let us know if you accomplished this masterpiece.
'''''Paso Futaleufú''''' on the Ruta 259. Crosses from Chubut province to Region X de Los Lagos. The distance between the two immigration offices is less than 1km. This is a major tourist hot spot, so if the border isn't closed, it should be fairly hitchable. Please verify To get out futaleufu, you need to be patient : there is not a lot of trafic. Walk out of the hitchability once youtown until a bridge : cross it. Just after it there is a bus station : good place to wait espacially if it've crossed heres raining.
'''''Paso Rio Encuentro''''' on the Ruta 44. Crosses from Chubut province to Region X de Los Lagos. The Argentinian side has a town named Carrenleufú and the Chilean has one named Alto Palena. Let us know if you crossed here.

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