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Bangkok has an extensive system of buses and metro lines (not to mention the countless taxis, mototaxis and tuk-tuks that plow the streets). The metro lines are pretty cheap if you're used to European standards, and at least the MRT can be blackridden. For every journey you buy a black plastic electronic coin that you hold against the entrance gate to open it for you and that you drop into the exit gate when you leave the system again. Note that the coin will notice if you travel for more stops than you paid for. Now for travelling free (a bit harder to do with a big backpack) you just slide yourself through the entrance/exit gates with another person. Ideally this will be somebody you know because you have to follow a person quite closely and unless it's rush hour the random Thai person unwittingly helping you might be freaked out by your sudden presence so closely behind them. The entrance gate will also notice when two people pass through it at once and will beep loudly, but if you just pretend nothing happened, you'll most likely be fine as according to actual experience :-) After all, you're a tourist and if anybody should stop you just talk to them confusedly in English. The exit gate doesn't make any special sounds when two people leave it at once.
There are SOME red buses throughout the city which are free. Before boarding a red bus, make sure you see the word 'free' (ฟรี) written somewhere on the front of the bus (sometimes there is a blue circle with the word in white; other times it is at the end of a sentence). Just hop on and hop off wherever you please. Bus 15 is good to see Khao San Rd, Siam Shopping district, Ratchadamri Road, Asiatique Market and everything in between.

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