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Tel Aviv

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{{Infobox Israeli Location
|country = Israel
|district = Tel Aviv District
|map = <map lat='32.05' lng='34.8' zoom='11' view='2' country='Israel'/>
|pop = 438,818 (2016); Metropolitan Area: 3,150335,800 (20072008)
|highways = 1, 2, 4, 5, 20
== Hitch out ==
=== To [[Haifa]] and the North ===
Hitchhiking to [[Haifa]] and the North is not that bad at all. There are two good places to start, both accessible by buses leaving from the central bus station, or from the Arlozerov Terminal (Namir street).
=== To [[Jerusalem]] ===
Several options, none of them are great because those spots are before the Road 1 and Road 4 split, and much of the traffic are local commuters. It is not uncommon for people Go to stand with signs indicating where they want to go on the on-ramps to closest Road 20 (the Ayalon) that are north of LaGuardia (junction - preferably Keren Kayemet, Rokach, Halacha, Arozolov and HaShalomHashalom or Kibbutz Galuyot. Use a sign (preferably in Hebrew: ירושלים) or just standing and asking. From herePeople will be going to Jerusalem anytime, it's recommended to so only take only rides that can bring you the whole way. # HaShalom is usually very easy during daytime, but other junctions can work as few people well. # At Kibbutz Galuyot, stand at at 3780 st. junction (32°02'47.4"N 34°47'09.5"E) rather than the bus stop along Road 1 you may get stranded. # The La Guardia on-ramp is not very [[hitchhiker's safety|safe]], with the exception not a lot of a ride space for traffic to Ben Shemen on stop, but it's walkable from the weekendcenter and of course, people ''do'' stop. [[User:Guaka|guaka]] used it twice and it didn't take longer than 10 minutes.# Arlozorov might be slower since traffic is heading in many different directions.
# [[User:Guaka|guaka]] has had okay results with taking a local bus (Kavim 168 and some others) to the Tsomet Aluf Zede junction in Ramat Gan.
# The La Guardia on-ramp is not very [[hitchhiker's safety|safe]], not a lot of space for traffic to stop, but it's walkable from the center and of course, people ''do'' stop. [[User:Guaka|guaka]] used it twice and it didn't take longer than 10 minutes.
# The above mentioned Arlozerov bus stop might work, although traffic is heading in many different directions.
<!-- * Road 44 seems an option, but Derech Ben Tsvi out of Jaffa doesn't seem great. -->
If someone offers you a ride to [[Ben Gurion International Airport|Ben Gurion]] airport you can take it. At Terminal 3, make sure to have a sign in English with Jerusalem and hitch at the taxi stand (where people are getting in and out of normal cars as well). Terminal 1 is better since you can simply take Route 40, just make sure to walk to the [[trempiyada]].
[[Modi'inUser:Roaming Pencil|Roaming Pencil]] is a new city has done it several times from different junctions and would recommend never accepting partway rides or taking any road other than Road 1, if possible. There are always people heading to Jerusalem down this route.  Keep in between mind that Jerusalem is quite big and spread over mountains and Tel Avivhills, and if someone offers a ride there you should definitely take which makes it less walkable than Tel AViv. You'll probably need to use public transport (stay on 443 thoughor walk a lot)once you get there.
=== To [[Nablus]] ===
Take bus 127 to the second but last stop, walk on to highway 5, enjoy hitching in on-ramp since there won't be highway policemen. Be aware that Palestinians are sharing taxi, sometimes you have to pay for the ride.
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