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=== Turkey ===
When arriving from the west, your likely point of entry to the country will be [[Sarp-Sarpi border crossing]] with [[Turkey]] on the Black Sea coast. That border crossing has steady traffic and it's possible to cross the border on foot. The majority of truck traffic between Georgia and Turkey travels through this crossing, so it is very easy to find rides in either direction.
There is another crossing a bit are two other crossings further east, . The first is from Türkgözü to the village of Vale and on to [[Akhaltsikhe]]. Although the The Turkish border road is large and in good qualitycondition, and the road from the border to Akhaltsikhe is a really bad dirt roadsmaller, but has been repaved and handles plenty of traffic. This  In 2015, the border crossing between Çıldır and Kartsakhi reopened, having been closed for the previous two decades. It is not recommended unless a smaller, quieter crossing and brings you prefer more of an adventureout 30 kilometres from Akhalkalaki, but Georgia - which is on a main trucking route to and from [[Yerevan]]. On the police there are very friendly Turkish side, you will be 10 kilometres to Çıldır, and will help you the road is new. From here, it is easy to get a ride or find a place to stay if it's getting late[[Ardahan]] and onwards.
=== [[Russia]] ===

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