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If you dont want to take a train to Nice, you can go by walk to the gas station on A8. From Monaco center it took 2.5 walking but it definitely worth it, I got a ride to Barcelona in 30 min.
Its hard to describe how to got there, and you definitelly will need a map for that. I was using MapsMe app. This is the coordinates of that gas station 43°45′16.86″N 07°23′53.91″E
First you need to get to the village La Turbie. Take bus 11, then leaving from the tourism office close to the casino, once in an hour, in the direction ''La Turbie'' and get out at the bus stop "Mont Angel". Then walk up the street"Route de Mont-Angel" for 600 meters, then to the left into "Chemin du Col de Guerre", in maybe 30 min you will reach the bridge above the high wayhighway, after 5 min more walking you will reach the gate to the gas station, when I came, almost midnight, it was closed, so I just jump over it. But, I guess, you can ring the bell and someone will open.
Take in mind that all way from Monaco to this gas station requeries to go UP. So think about whether you need it.

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