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This is a list of all (presumably) hitchable border crossings between Chile and Argentina. It first appeared on the page of [[Argentina]], that's why they sound like going from Argentina to Chile and not the other way around. Follow steps in opposite order if you are coming from Chile and going to Argentina. Not all of them have information yet, so if you hitched one, please add info!
Some crossings may be closed due to weather conditions, so before you go you can check the chilean border police twitter @UPFronterizos (
'''Argentinian Border Crossings North to South'''
'''''Paso Pircas Negras''''' on the Ruta 76. From La Rioja province to Region III de Atacama. Let us know if you hitchhiked this.
'''''Paso de Agua NegraAguas Negras''''' on the Ruta 150. The customs office is near [[Las Flores]] 90km away. Crosses from [[San Juan]] province into Region IV de Coquimbo. [[User:MOAH|Mind of a Hitchhiker]] got offered a ride from [[Rodeo]] and took it. This is the highest border crossing between the two countries, with a maximum altitude of 4.780 meters. A large chunk of the 180 km between border checks is unpaved, but with all the glaciers, it's one of the most spectacular routes across the Andes out there. The Chilean side is called Juntas del Toro and the nearest town city is [[La Serena]]. It's only open from December to April, and might close on other days as well due to bad weather. Read [[Las Flores]] on how to do it. [[User:Miriam|Miriam]] tried to cross from Chile to Argentina in April but there was so little traffic that it proved impossible and gave up after 24 hours. Of the approx. 10 cars crossing each day, most had no space because as of 2017 many everyday products are so much cheaper in Chile that everyone fills their cars to the max. Apparently in summer there is more traffic.The chilean border posts are nice and bored, might let you use their kitchen, living room and wifi if you ask nicely and chat with them. There is a nice place to camp by the river but bring enough food.
'''''Paso Internacional Los Libertadores''''' between [[Mendoza]] and [[Santiago de Chile]] is probably the best option with lots of truck and civilian traffic. You will also pass Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Southern and Western hemispheres. There's a tunnel between the two countries. Goes between Mendoza province and Region V de Valparaiso.Careful, every once in a while it closes due to weather conditions for some 2 or 3 days - check twitter @UPFronterizos before going!
'''''Paso Vergara''''' on the Ruta 226. Crosses from Mendoza province to Region VII del Maule. Argentinian customs is 8km from the actual border. Let us know if you hitched this.
'''''Paso Hua Hum''''' on the Ruta 48. Crosses from Neuquen province to Region XIV los Rios. Argentinian customs is 3km from the actual border. The Chilean one is on the actual border. In Chile you need to take a ferry to get connected to the other roads. Let us know if you hitched here.
'''''Paso Fronterizo Cardenal Antonio Samoré''''' on the Ruta 231. Crosses from Neuquen province to Region X de Los Lagos. The Argentinian customs is 17km from the actual border. Let us know if [[User:Miriam|Miriam]] found it very easy to hitch, there is a constant flow of traffic and even under the worst climatic circumstances they usually don't close for more than a couple of hours. You can start right on the intersection where the road to Puyehue and Cardinal Samoré leaves Ruta 5 close to Osorno. Be aware of the opening schedule (usually from 8 am to 6 pm, meaning the last car is allowed to start chilean customs at 6 while the argentinians wait until the last car has passed and vice versa). On weekends you hitched this onemight have to wait several hours in customs.
'''''Paso Pérez Rosales''''' on a Ruta with no number, from Puerto Frías in Argentina in Rio Negro province. Nearest Argentinian town of size is called Llao Llao, near [[Bariloche]]. You'll have to take several seasonal ferries in both Argentina and Chile to get here. The nearest town of size on the Chilean side is called Peulla in Region X de Los Lagos. This border is not visible on Google Maps, only on Open Street Maps. Please let us know if you accomplished this masterpiece.

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