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From the Terminal Centro bus station take a bus to Palhoça. They leave from the end of platform C and cost 4.50 reais. There are a few lines so ask for the one going close to Posto Catarinão. Get off at the last stop, walk straight under the motorway and turn right (north). You will see the Shell sign from the bus stop. You can ask around or hitch at the entrance to the motorway which has a wide merge lane.
=== North towards [[Curitiba]] and [[São Paulo]] (BR-101)===
There really isn't an ideal place to hitch from. However, there is a speed bump right before where Rua Leoberto Leal joins with the main highway. Right after the bump is a small space that a car could pull over in to stop without blocking traffic. And then just after that is the entrance ramp to the main highway. Any bus headed towards Biguaçu should bring you here.
Another option is to stay on the bus to Biguaçu until the end of the line. There is a small gas station here. Most traffic here is not going far and many cars are just turning around to head back into the city 500 meters up the road. But about 8.7 kilometers up the road is a nice sized gas station with easy on/off access from the highway. Any vehicle not turning around should pass it as it is before the turn for Governador Celso Ramos and there really is nothing else between. (Definitely helps though if you speak Portuguese to explain what you want to drivers.)
== Public transport ==
From the Terminal Centro you can take a bus to other parts of the island for as little as 2.75 reais. There are five more terminals on the island and as long as you don't leave the terminal you can jump on another bus without buying additional ticket.
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