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'''NOTE: The Trabzon fun is over! The MFA code/invitation letter is needed there as well now.'''
At least europeans get '''visa on arrival''' if coming from [[Armenia]]. Border towns are [[Meghri-Nordooz border crossing|Meghri and Nordooz]]. Border's open 24/7, but visa office closed on weekend (friday and probably also thursday) and at night time, maybe they let you wait/ sleep in the customs building, there's a toilet and little shop. [ It may be closed at other times too.] Works '''without invitation letter'''/ tourist agency code! As of late 2016 prices are 75€ for single entry and 90€ for double entry, which leaves you with two times the full 30 days! In between take one of the [[ferries across the Persian Gulf]] ;-)<br/>
Coming overland from anywhere else you'll need to get the visa beforehand in one of the iranian consulates (Ankara, Erzurum, Istanbul, Tbilisi, ...). Without MFA code/ invitation letter you'll be rejected however. Agencies like or do this for you, costs about 30-40$ and takes a week or two.

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