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Instead of hitching on the side of the road, it is best to go to a '''[[gas station]] in Soacha''' ([ map]) and talk to [[truck]] drivers. To get there, take the TransMileno to the southernmost station, "Portal Del Sur". Follow the signs leading to "Autopista del Sur", and take a van going to "Soacha". Ask to get dropped off at the end of town, past "El Parque". From there, walk to the gas station.
There you will find plenty of trucks going all the way to [[Cali]], especially early in the morning, as it ''normally'' is a 13 hour ride.  This is also a good place to head North towards Medellin and Cartagena as many of the trucks going North like to stop here as well.
=== Northwest towards [[Medellín]], [[Manizales]] ===
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