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'''Dakar''' is the capital of [[Senegal]].  Although the city can seem quite chaotic at times, as most big cities do, Dakar actually has a very well-connected bus network. There are several different bus companies, the major ones seem to be the public bus company "Dakar Dem Dikk" and the smaller "Tata" buses. There is even a [ website/app], which allows you to calculate the best connection to your destination.
== Hitchhiking out ==
At Dakar it's probably worth getting a bus or car rapid to the ''Thiès/Mbour'' junction to avoid the large amount of local traffic.
{{stub}}Take Tata bus 64 or 68 to ''Diamniadio'', where the road splits and you can hitchhike towards either Thiès or Mbour. == Sleep == It should be possible to camp somewhere up on the hill on the island of Goree, where there are quite a few tourists during the day, but the atmosphere is otherwise very relaxed with enough space in the bushes for a tent, friendly locals and it is definitely not crowded. The cost of the ferry (5200 FCFA return trip for non-African non-residents) would make it quite the expensive night if you're just looking for a place to sleep (you could pay for a room with that amount), but if you're planning to visit the island anyway, which is definitely worth it, it could be a good option. The people are generally very friendly and there are a lot of artists and small galleries.  

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