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Deutsche Bahn

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The normal fares are very expensive and usually not used by locals. The DB is actualy the 2nd most expensive railroad in Europe after the Norwegian. There is a wide range of special offers and rebate systems, but they are rather difficult to use for single spontaneous trips. Some exceptions are the [ ''Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket'' (Happy-Weekend-Ticket)], the [ ''Quer-durchs-Land Ticket''] and the [ regional day ticket ''Länderticket''].
The ''Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket'', usually just called ''Wochenendticket'' which is valid for a whole Saturday '''or''' Sunday for up to 5 persons in all regional trains in whole all of Germany. They are It used to be possible to "hitchhike" this ticket because it was valid for up to 5 people for a flat cost of 40 Euro. This meansBecause it was so cheap, you can actually get imany people bought it even though they were alone or in groups smaller than 5, so it was possible to join a group for free.eNow, the ticket costs 40€ for one person and 4 Euro more for each additional person. from [[Munich]] Since you have to [[Hamburg]] for 8 Euroselect the number of passengers beforehand, joining existing groups isn't possible anymore, but it and you will take you about 12 hourslikely have to pay a share of the price.  The ''Quer-durchs-Land Ticket'' does the same on weekdays , but its price depends of the number of people which you have to decide forehand. You pay is slightly more expensive at 42 Euro for the first person and 6 Euro more for each subsequent. On weekdays you can use the ''Länderticket'', which is about 20 Euro for one person or 30 Euro for 5 persons in all regional trains from 9:00 unto 3:00 the next day in a certain Federal State (sometimes several count as one).
== Train hitchhiking ==
You can travel with other people's group tickets (like The golden days of the Wochenendticket) as these tickets weekend ticket are valid for up , sadly, over. The so-called ''Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket'' still exists, but you now have to 5 people and select the number of passengers is not specified on at the tickettime of buying, and each additional person (up to 5), costs 4 Euro. Just ask people on the platform if This means that you can join their ticket before they enter the train. You can also just get on the train and hope might still be able to spontaneously find people there to share a ticket with, but bear in mind that if you don't find anybody until will have to approach them before they buy the ticket inspector sees you, (so no asking around when you're a blackrider. Some inspectors have also made a fuss because already in the people going with the ticket should be clear from the beginning of the triptrain), but that's rare. Some people might want and you will likely have to chip pay at least 11 Euro (per-person price in some moneya group of 5). In that case you can try to find somebody else as most Theoretically, though, people take might let you join their ticket for free and4 Euro, if or even pay the 4 Euro for you ask them, even give you their ticket when they are at the end but, arguably, neither of their journeythose possibilities could be called hitchhiking.
It is also possible to join Ländertickets, but they are not as common and there is a cheaper Single version which is not useful because you cannot join it.
In some regions like [[Dresden]], [[Cologne]] and [[Aachen]] people are also allowed to take somebody on their student ticket, job ticket, monthly ticket or year ticket in afternoons and on weekends. This might be noted in the city articles.
In [[Berlin]], you can hitchhike public transport with people who have monthly tickets, but only on weekdays from 8 pm - 3 am, and the whole day on Saturdays and Sundays. People might be confused if you ask them about it, since it's not very common, but finding someone with a monthly ticket shouldn't be a problem since they are very widespread. Ask people if they have a so-called "Umweltkarte", the most common ticket with the possibility to hitchhike, or see [ nomadwiki] for more details.
== Blackriding ==
=== Getting caught ===
* if they get your ID, it means you'll be donating from 40 60 EUR to the full ticket price to the DB's shareholders (mostly the German state, if that makes you feel better) − if they don't, you might be tempted to give them a fake name and address, which is probably illegal.
* You don't have to pay instantly, but usually by bank transfer within 10 days
* As a last line of defense, conductors can call the police and legally keep you from leaving to prevent you from "illegally obtaining a service"

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