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Get the metro to ''Pacii'' (note the metro is a bit crazy - if you're not careful the trains change lines without warning and you can end up at ''Gare Du Nord'' again!).
From ''Pacii'' you have to find the main road going west, and go to the first bus stop. Get the first bus that says ''Carrefour'' and go all the way to ''Carrefour'' shopping centre, this is the start of the motorway. Carrefour also provides free shuttle minibuses leaving from ''Pacii'' and even from further inside the city. There's a part where the fence is broken (it's not broken anymore, if you get to the mall, you have to walk back a little bit, and or a) walk by the side of the entrance of a tunnel (kind of dangerous) or b) get out before the carrefour and walk (and hitch) a kilometer or two) and you can access the motorway here - it's actually a very good spot to hitch, since traffic coming from the big shopping centre stops here.
Another easy option to get to the same hitchhiking spot is to go to the metro "Preciziei" and from there walk about 2.1 km.
The Transylvanian road runs through [[Sibiu]] and [[Cluj-Napoca]]. This is the standard route for central and western Transylvania, the other route through Brasov is a "scenic" journey that takes longer.

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