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==== First option ====
Take metro B (yellow line) to "Hůrka", walk around Albert shop, upstairs and over small bridge. Walk around the school maintaining the same direction. You will see a wall that hides the road we need to take, so go behind it. There is a bus stop and a big road. Cross it and continue right to the crossroads, there go left. You will see signs "Plzeň". Go over the bridge and down to the left. After the turn there is great place for hitchhiking. Alight, long and lot of space to stop. Although it's not allowed to stay there, police don't make troubles there.
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There is one bus stop much much closer to the highway. It is called "Šafránkova" and you can reach it both from metro station Nové Butovice (yellow line B) or Nemocnice Motol (green line A). Check for the stop name in the list of the buses. The stop is a request stop, so it means that you have to push the button in the bus to stop it. You should walk downside to the highway where is a broad hard shoulder where is a lot of space for the cars to stop. I use it frequently to go home. And there I was also asked for the documents by police, and when I asked them if it is allowed to hitchike there they told me yes, so don´t worry! It is not really highway, you are still in the city.
If you are travelling west, do not enter into the Beroun or Plzeň city, because it is hard to hitchhike out. So many hours I spent in Plzeň..On this highway you can meet all the cars going west. Just stay on the highway, stop on some petrol station. There is one Shell close to Rokycany, before Plzeň, maybe with little bit expensive petrol. Or you can go just to Rudná petrol station, which lais close (15 km) to Prague, but it is quite big with many cars and trucks.
You travellers to the West (Germany, France, England, Spain), your goal should be to arrive to Svatá Kateřina petrol station. It lais just before czech/german border and many czech drivers-especially trucks- they stop there to tank or buy something..
==== Second option ====

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