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** '''Option 1''' - [,51.613806,-0.276014%3B7303632460877835457,51.616789,-0.260584&saddr=A5100%2FStation+Rd+%4051.613806,+-0.276014&daddr=A5100%2FHale+Ln+%4051.616789,+-0.260584+to:51.629873,-0.264659&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=2&sz=15&via=1&sll=51.62617,-0.269852&sspn=0.017104,0.047035&ie=UTF8&ll=51.622306,-0.273972&spn=0.017105,0.047035&z=15 London Gateway Services]
** '''Cost of public transport''': One ticket to zone 5.
** '''last verified''': August 2014 (very good although most people are only going as far as Northampton). June 2012 (good spot indeed, we asked around the service station and were picked up after 30 min towards Northampton). November 2011 ( very good spot, we found a lift in less then 5 minutes, also in the dark). October 2015 - Waited at exit, a few lifts offered over the space of an hour, going as far as Coventry. March 2016 - Take a long time to get there, but got a lift in 20 seconds past Luton.
It is possible to walk from Edgware tube ''(Northern Line)'' to London Gateway Services on the M1. The walk is about 2.5km. There are a few different ways to walk, but the simplest is: Turn right out of the station onto 'Station Road'. Follow the road along, it turns into 'Hale Lane', keep going, then turn left onto 'Selvage Lane' and keep going, you will then go over a bridge over the M1 and come to a big roundabout 'Apex Corner'. Go down into the subway under the roundabout, and come out on the A1 ('Barnet Way), just by the petrol station. Turn left just behind the petrol station onto 'Ellesmere Avenue', this road runs parallel to the high way. Keep walking until you come to a road on your left with a big sign with three symbols, one of which would translate as 'no access to anyone except authorised vehicles' and clearly goes under the motorway. Walk down it and you come to '''London Gateway Services'''.

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