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Going to Marseille is usually easy, but getting out of it might be a bit more complicated as there are many highways crossing nearby.
=== North-West by A55, towards [[Montpellier]], [[Toulouse]], [[Barcelona]], [[Arles]] === * West To FOS, ARLES, NIMES, MONTPELLIER, TOULOUSE, BARCELONA. Take the metro/tramway to La Joliette or Euroméditerranée Gantès and walk down the main street (Boulevard de Dunkerke) for a few blocks. There is the highway North-West (A55) that starts there (it's a bridge going up so it's better to stand at the traffic light just before it). A lot of the cars leaving from that point can take you out of Marseille's metropolis and leave you at Fos, where the road is only one-lane and it's easy to get another lift. Try putting your destination directly on the sign you have (especially if it's big cities like Montpellier or Toulouse everyone will know where it is), your driver might actually give you further advice on how to go there.  To Montpellier and further you don't have to take the highway A7 and A54 (too much of a detour), the other road A55 and N568, passing by Martigues, Fos, through camargue and Arles is the one most people will take (to not pay the tolls) and is even shorter. Plus it is a nice place to see the Rhone's delta (camargue) landscape.  === North or West by A7, towards A8, [[Aix-en-Provence]], [[Avignon]], [[Lyon]], [[Montpellier]] or [[Nice]] ===
* You can stand on the entrance to the [[L'Autoroute de Soleil]] (A7), 3 minutes' walk northwest from the central station Gare Saint Charles. From the station main entrance, follow the blue road signs for the autoroute. It is quite possible that there will be other hitchhikers there. Cars are going quite fast here, and you are actually standing on the motorway, but police are unlikely to bother you. There is not so much long distance traffic, so if you're heading far away, a "Lançon" sign is recomended. Get a lift to the [[péage]], or the big [[petrol station]] and you'll easily get a ride to Lyon, Montpellier or anywhere further.

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