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=== Main Train Station ===
Located in the center and always open is the Munich main train station. If you get stuck in the city, this is probably a better solution than the airport which unfortunately is pretty far outside of Munich, but don't expect it to be more comfortable. There is a small waiting hall on the mezzanine level and a few benches on the platforms. It is common to find some people resting on the first floor of the main entrance hall (right next to Burger King) and tolerated by the Deutsche Bahn security guards as long as you don't intend to crash there for more than a single night. If asked, just tell them you wait for a train that leaves early in the morning and they usually leave you alone. You can sneak into the toilets of the two Burger King restaurants around (free, but closed from about 3:30am), or use the toilets of the main train station (50ct minimum). Another advantage over the airport is that it's quite easy to get back to any hitchhiking spot from here.
=== Studentenstadt ===
If you want to meet loads of students and really cheap drinks - rare in Munich - come to Studentenstadt (U6 north of the city centre). It's the largest student accomodation in Munich. You will be my guest: +49 (0)15 twentytwo 1 ninetynine 1967 . Take note that I will quite probably not answer immediately.

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