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The '''A 99''' is the Munich ring road ( While not as accurate as other south south/north bound jumping off points, the service station ''Rasthof Vaterstetten Ost'' is a good point if seeking to get lifts from long-distance lorry drivers, many of whom stay overnight here. This service station is located at the A99 in Feldkirchen. It is located only 2 km from the S-Bahn station Vaterstetten and requires walking through the small village to the back of the service station. 1,000 [[hitchhiking a truck|trucks]] or more park here here every night with many more passing through, heading north and south. While I would not like to sleep here (with a 1,000 plus lonely men), its a excellent place when heading both north and south. Make sure to carry a sign indicating what motorway who are hoping to take. For example, the A8 to the the South and East or the A94 to Passau.
== Sleeping & Eating ==
=== Airport "Franz-Josef-Strauss" ===
Maybe not the most comfortable place to sleep, but always open and not busy at night is the airport Franz-Josef-Strauss at A92 (from Regensburg). Hitchhiking away from there (late) in the evening is a pain, but if you end up there, you can count on a dry and warm night. There is no waiting hall (there are no flights at night) but enough restaurants where you can pick your bench and toilets are open any time.
=== Studentenstadt ===
If you want to meet loads of students and really cheap drinks - rare in Munich - come to Studentenstadt (U6 north of the city centre). It's the largest student accomodation in Munich. You will be my guest: +49 (0)15 twentytwo 1 ninetynine 1967 . Take note that I will quite probably not answer immediately.
=== Kafe Marat ===
If you arrive on Friday you can get really good, cheap and vegan dinner in the [ "Kafe Marat", Thalkirchener Straße 102] (maybe also on wednesdays?). It's a self-organized, more left wing place. Drinks are also really cheap there. Food normally is ready at around 8:30 pm.

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