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:"I never had to wait more then half and hour, at any place in Ecuador. Hitchhiking through the coast is probably the easiest. Hitchhiking around the Andes is the best. I recommend visiting cities like Loja and Cuenca." - [[User:fyrexia|fyrexia]]
:"Loved Ecuador, I hitchhiked from the Colombia border to Quito, over to Pernables, down to Montanita, over to Guayaquil and onwards to Peru. Never waited long, could easily sleep in the county in my hammock and got given money for an almuerzo once, bought almuerzo once and given a place to stay twice. The coast is a little trickier but very doable, just aim for the pickup trucks, some might ask for money (one did) but just say you have none and its all cool. The water in Quito is drinkable too and just be careful because its not as cheap as Peru or Colombia. Managed to hitchhike urban buses twice too, I recommend always walking with your bag on your bag and turning around when a car approaches, especially on the coast, this type of hitchhiking works better than petrol stations and signs" - [[User:HoboSpirit|HoboSpirit]]
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