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Hitchhiking Records

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== The longest journey ==
*'''Benoit Grieu''' has been hitch-hiking since 1979 and still hitchhiked every day until [he disappeared on his way to Nepal in 2011 ]. During these years he covered about '''1,500,000 km''' not staying more than 3 months in one place.
*'''Expedition “Autocolumbus”''' by Sant Petersburg Autostop League in 17 February 1992 – July 1993. The trip started 4 hitchhikers: '''Alexey Vorov, Mikhail Dutkevich, Kiril Baranov and Victor Grigor’ev''', but finished only Alexey and Mikhail. The route was around the World via 25 countries in Europe, Asia, South and North America. The length of the route '''~83,000 km'''.

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