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Direction north-west there is the motorway E61/A2 towards [[Kranj]] through the Karawanken Tunnel (Slovenian: ''Predor Karavanke'') or over the pass over the border to [[Villach]] (slov.: ''Beljak'') in [[Austria]] and further on on the Tauern-motorway to [[Salzburg]] and over to [[Germany]]. It is the way that is used by most of those numerous Germans that go to the [[Croatia]]n coast for holidays.
This motorway E61/A2 starts from the Ljubljana bypass. The best way to join this motorway is from the street Celovška cesta, at the bus stop Šentvid. You can get there easily by taking bus number 1, 25, or 8 from the city centre in direction of Vižmarje. You can hitchhike at the stop, but make sure you have a sign. If people who pick you up don't go as far as you like, you can get a lift as far as the former toll station Torovo and keep hitchhiking there. There is also a gas station at the Radovljica-exit (right before Bled) which is useful for getting into Austria.
=== South or west towards [[Koper]], [[Nova Gorica]], [[Rijeka]], [[Pula]], [[Italy]] ===

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