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* ''[[User:Nero12|Nero12]] (July 2011) Yup, it works great.''
* ''[[User:Rozwal|Rozwal]] (October 2011) had a sign RAMPA and got a ride with a man going out of the highway just before Rampa so the sign proved very very useful.''
* ''[[User:NixyJungle|NixyJungle]] '' (2011-2015) I was HH two times on the "on ramp" and waiting for about 30 minutes until I got a ride. Not good spot at all. Most of the cars go inside the city. Walk to the gas station called AVIA (200 meters). You will see it from this "on ramp" spot. I hitchhiked there many times. Not so much cars, but the ones that stops for gas, usually go to the toll gate Bubanj Potok. Depends on traffic, you could wait between 1 and 30 minutes. At least, you are not standing on a dusty road, but waiting like a gentleman for a car to pick you up :)
==== Trolleybus 29 ====
=== North towards [[Novi Sad]] {{European Route Number|75}} ===
It's best to take bus number 706 from Zeleni Venac station (big bus station in the city center)or . Same bus pass through Zemun. 706E goes from Zemun Kej Oslobodjenja to Batajnica and it's express bus, faster than 706. You can also take bus 73 from New Belgrade. If you wish to hitchhike on the motorway, you should exit at overpass at Batajnica . If you wish and walk up to take the old highway. There has been some roadconstructions last few years (2011-2015), which is probably the better option if you travel only to Novi Sad, then you so it should go further with that bus be ok to the end of Batajnica suburb, until the bus turns from that road, at the churchget a ride because cars slow down a bit. Just go back to the same If there is no more road you were previously atconstructions, and hitchhike from it's also ok because there is a lot of space for cars to pull down. Batajnica is around 15 kilometers far from Zeleni Venac station, and bus takes around 40 minutes, depending on traffic jams.
Update. The 706 doesn't turn at the church, but a little further up. Actually you could pretty much hitch anywhere along the road the bus is on, but wait until it turns right just after Batajnica, then get off there. Back on the main road, a couple of hundred metres further down, there is a bus stop lay-by. There's a petrol station a little back towards town too if you prefer. Both are perfect for vehicles to pull in and great spots. --[[User:Looking for Stu|Looking for Stu]] ([[User talk:Looking for Stu|talk]]) 14:42, 18 January 2014 (CET)

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