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'''Utrecht''' is a city in the [[Netherlands]]. It is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, dating back from Roman times. Today, it has a population of over 300,000. While being a nice travel destination on its own, boasting a very picturesque inner city and hosting many events throughout the year, it also serves as one of the major transport hubs of the Netherlands. The ''Ring Utrecht'' is composed of the A27 North/South, the start/end of the A28, the A12 West/East, the A2 North/South, and the N230 connecting the A27 and A2 motorways. While the motorway maze around Utrecht might seem complicated, it is generally easy to hitch in and out of the city, as long as you know where the good spots are.
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North: [[Amsterdam]]===The (arguably) best place to get a ride to Amsterdam is near the 24 Oktoberplein in Kanaleneiland, where the flyover comes down to the traffic lights. Taking any tram for Central Station, get out at "24 Oktoberplein", walk back to the traffic square, [[Amersfoort]]pass underneath the flyover and make an immediate left. Follow the road until the flyover comes down, and position yourself on the small shoulder between the two traffic lights. Absolutely awesome place. Also works well for going south! === South: [[Breda]], [[Belgium]] , East: [[ Amersfoort]],[[Germany]] ===There is a [[liftershalte]] - a special spot for hitchhiking - at the ramp of the ''Waterlinieweg'' near ''De Galgewaard'' stadium. It's good for going northwards on the A27 and A28 (on the right when coming from Galgewaard Stadium) or southwards on the A12, A2 and A27(crossed the highway on the left when coming from Galgewaard Stadium, indicated by a BP gas station). Official hitching spot, indicated by a traffic sign with a thumb on it. To get there, take bus 12 from the Central Station and get off at bus stop 'Stadion Galgewaard'. Cross the road and you're at the sliproad!  (Note: as of April 28th 2019 the bus 12 does not run on Sundays however another bus [if I remember correctly the 41] does go to the same stop.)
Alternatively, you can take bus 55 in the direction ''Maartensdijk'' and get off at the stop ''Nieuwe wetering''. From there you are able to walk to a petrol station directly on the A27. Beware though, you have to walk for about 1 kilometer next to the motorway and a hitchhiker once got a 90€ fine for that, but otherwise it's a great starting place to go south direction [[Paris]] (A27) as well as [[Luxembourg]] (A2) (Note: Looking at the satellite image on Google Maps, there seems to be some bushes between the A27 and the railway parallel to it, walking in this strip as far as possible from the A27 '''may''' just keep you out of view!)
Also, you can reach a petrol station on the west side of Nieuwegein, on the A2 highway. Take any tram from Utrecht Central Station, get out at Nieuwegein Stadscentrum, and walk along the Wijkerslootweg in the direction of the A2 highway (be careful, there is no sidewalk, only vegetation you'll have to walk through, and cars pass by fast, but it's perfectly doable). Cross the highway (there is a sidewalk on the bridge), take the first right after the bridge, and take another right at the little pedestrian roundabout up ahead. Then, keep walking until the petrol station appears on your right. You're already at the front end of the station by now. There's a low fence you can easily step over and walk into the station. Stepping over the fence is probably technically illegal as you enter part of the highway, but you can step over and walk in in just 10 seconds, and you circumvent the creek running round the station. From here, you can hitch to either southwest (A2) or southeast (A27).
=== East [[Arnhem]] ===
If you want to go east, direction [[Arnhem]] and the south of Germany. the best thing to do is to take the train from central station to Bunnik (6 minutes), cross the footbridge across the highway, and walk to the petrol station 2km up the road witch you are able to see from the footbridge. This petrol station on the A12 is very effective. Within 10 minutes you usually find a ride at least to Arnhem. (From this place it is also possible to go to direction Berlin if you take the A50 north near Arnhem)
[they rrebuilding the gas station dont go there or you gonna be stranded here]
In addition, the abovementioned liftplaats at Stadion Galgewaard is also a viable place for hitchhiking east towards Arnhem/Germany.
=== West [[Rotterdam]], [[The Hague]] ===
Get down to Kanaleneiland in the southwest corner of Utrecht, for instance by taking any tram leaving from Utrecht Central Station. Get out at "Kanaleneiland Zuid". Walk towards the A12 highway. There's an entry lane leading up to the A12 on your right hand side where there's ample room for cars to stop on the hard shoulder.
Alternatively, try the spot near the 24 Oktoberplein where the flyover comes down at the traffic light. Taking any tram for Central Station, get out at "24 Oktoberplein", walk back to the traffic square, pass underneath the flyover and make an immediate left. Follow the road until the flyover comes down, and position yourself on the small shoulder between the two traffic lightsas mentioned above. Although the road directly leads to the North/Southbound A2, you might get traffic heading can find people going west to on the A12 as well here.(I tried this myself and it worked)
== Sleeping ==
For wild camping, it's best to stay at the university area (De Uithof). Take bus 11 28 or 12 from the main train station in Utrecht (Utrecht Centraal Station) and you will know where to get out when you see the large school buildings. There are great spots to camp there and little to no guards. It's pretty far away from the city center, so you should be able to sleep pretty safe there.
Alternatively you can ask the friendly people at the local vegan café if they know anywhere you can stay for free:
''ACU, Voorstraat 71'', cheap vegan food is served on TuesdaysThursdays, WednesdaysSaturdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
== Other useful info ==

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