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West Bank

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On many roads only cars with Israeli number plates are allowed.
[[User:Vulla|Vulla]] In the West Bank is really common to Hitchhikeand super easy. In the Trempyada you will always find many young jewish people even 8 at the same time( that's what i ve found on the 60 road), but don't worry you will always manage to find a ride. On the trempyada you will find soldier soldiers to protect the Jewish people, in recent time there was were differents attacks by Palestinian against Jewish (but sometimes even Jewish people attack the Palestinian) , when i HHed there, there was no problem but always pay attention. You can arrive at your destination HH from settlment to settlement or if you are lucky you can even find a direct ride. Don't be scared if you see some settlers HH with a machine gun. Probably he was a They are soldierand they are allowed to carry guns. Travelling around you will understand many things about the complex situation.(January 2015)
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