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== East towards [[Montréal]] ==
From downtown, take number 86 OC transpo bus to Elmvale and keep walking in the direction the bus was facing when it dropped you off, in about 15mins you will be at the intersection of St-Laurent and Walkley, then cross Walkley, turn left, and keep walking for about another 25mins. You will get to an onramp that says 417 East Montréal. You might wait a while because traffic is limited to the onramp. If you walk about another 25mins, you'll go over a hill and find a perfect spot with plenty of room for cars to pull over. Enjoy, and may the Force be with you. (edit : it It looks like the spot is under construction right now, and it's going to be an onramp instead. And if a cop see you walking on this highway, they have to take you out).
There's also a pretty decent spot outside Lee's station. Walk up to Lee's Ave, turn right, and walk past the apartment complexes to the Trans Canada on-ramp. There isn't a shoulder, but there is a paved area right at the entrance of the On-Ramp where cars can stop. Wait times are usually under 40 mins, although can be longer depending on the day.
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