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=== West towards [[Paris]] ===
From ''Place de la République'' take a bus number 29 to ''Buchoz'' (it costs, from memory, about €1.50) and from there a bus number 106 to '''''Champ Banal''''' (ask the driver to announce the stop for you). The bus numbers have recently changed - it could be L4? Once off the bus, start walking along N43 (Rue de Metz) (it's unlikely that this is signposted - thus walk in the likely wind of the motorway) in the direction or A4 (you will already be able to see it). Keep walking almost up to the very intersection and right before it take to the right onto a dirt road on the side of a field. Walk this dirt road alongside A4 and you'll see a service station around 500 meters ahead.
[[User:Cagatay|Cagatay]] went there all the way by walking and it took 3 hours.
It is possible to get a ride towards these three different directions by standing on the '''''Avenue Joffre''''', under the bridge, in the western part of town, very close to the city centre. It merges with the A31 300m further. Always use a sign here.
Hitchhiker experience [Jass] - this place is useless...there's very little time to stop and the road is already fast. Just take the bus - after 3 hours waiting, it's worth the bus fare, even if one never takes public transport.

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