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Luang Prabang

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'''Luang Prabang ''' is a city in [[Laos]].
== Hitching out ==You have to get out of the main town by tuk-tuk (max. of 50 000 kip for however many) or motorbike Taxi. Head to the 'highway' 13 that heads once from North to South through Laos. A good spot was a few meters from the intersection to the little waterfall (the one with the Elephant camp). Don't be discouraged by the size of the road, the lack of vehicles (approx. one every 2 minutes for me at noon) and the lack of possibilities to communicate with the locals. After being driven out of town by a friend who had a scooter I was dropped on an empty dirt road which lead on the 13. I asked numerous people if this was the right way It's very possible to Vientaine as I couldn't believe the lack of traffic on one of the main road in Laos. Anyways after trying one and a half hours at different spots I got a ride with a truck driver. He was really friendly but spoke no English. Nevertheless, I made make it to Vang Vieng faster quicker than the by bus my friends took who left before me.==
===South towards [[Vientiane over Vang Vieng]] === == Hitching in ==<!---</includeonly>'''Only''' include this section if it is difficult to enter a city, like from the ring around Berlin or the M25 around London!<includeonly>--> == Places to avoid == == Accommodation and Sleep ==<!---</includeonly>Wild camping places are good. Please '''do not''' add regular hostels. <includeonly>--> == Other useful info ==  {{IsIn|Region or CountryLaos}}[[Category:Laos]]

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