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The library in the university area (Uithof) also has some computers with free internet. Enter the area by the Heidelberglaan, this is the street with only buses on it. There are two buildings above the road. The second building (coming from the city centre) is connected to the library. The north of this building is connected to the computer rooms, which have a few computers with free internet, and don't require you to log in.
A pilot project until the end of 2013 offers free wifi at Vredenburg, Stadhuisplein and Domplein. Network name: 'Free Wifi Utrecht"'.
As of Sep 2013 free wifi at central station on the KPN network as well as on [ 48 train stations in NL].
[ Free hotspots in Utrecht (unverified)].
<small>(Last checked: February 2010)</small>

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