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Buenos Aires

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This is a long way to get to the hitching point. The train is slow and you have to wait for connection in Villa Ballester. A more direct way is to take a bus to Zarate, one that takes the freeway. There should be buses from Plaza Italia (on Santa Fe, the northern side of Plaza Italia), but this information needs revision.
Other possibility : From the city center of Buenos Aires, take the bus 60 and go out at the terminus in Escobar. It takes around 3 hours but it costs only 5 pesos ! In Escobar, you should go to HIPERMERCADO JUMBO, on the street called Ramal Escobar. Then you will see the shild with the direction of Campana and Zarate. You can start hitchiking. (Le monde sur le pouce, october 2013)

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