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Take the bus #27 from the centre to it's final stop, where also other buses stop(you need #85). Then take bus #85(A, B or M) and you're already on your way. Almost any stop of this bus leaves you at a good hitchhiking point, but the nineteenth stop ''21o chiliometro'' (21st kilometre) is right on a petrol station on the way to Serres and the Bulgarian border (to Sandansky, Blagoevgrad, Sofia). If you can't explain all this to the driver just ask him to get off at Assirus. It's a village near the motorway. When you ask the locals for the motorway use the word "autobahn" instead of "motorway" ot "highway". The road is E79 and it's not a motorway, especially after the border. These city bus tickets cost only 50 cents (that you don't even have to pay) and take you quite some kilometres out of the city towards all destinations.
Update: If you want to get to ''21o chiliometro'' make sure to make that really clear to the busdriver since the bus doesn't stop at every stop nor says the stops out loud.
Try to <b> not </b> end up on Assirus. Hitchhiking out of this village is a pain. And if you are unlucky enough to end up there: Don't ask locals for the highway because they will take you to the old highway. If you want to get to the new highway to Sofia ask for "autobahn".
[Update: getting off at Assirus has not proved a good idea, it's quite difficult to reach the new motorway from there. A kind local took me there on unpaved roads, and after I had to climb over a fence and descend on a rough path...]

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