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From city center you just follow main road toward highway and after maybe 10 minutes you will come on petrol station(on right side of road), there is a lot of traffic but people are not keen to pick you up. One couple pick us up after Wait time was about one hour and . They could drove us you to highway that leads to Thessaloniki and than we were trying to you can catch ride on high way intersection. You have okay place to hitch hike there because cars are going from both direction on this high way to Thessaloniki. On high way fence you can read mark that this is not so good place for hitchhiking, somebody wrote this before. There were not so many cars but after hour and maybe 15 minutes waiting on sun we had luck and driver took us you can catch a ride to Kozani and than from Kozani we went to Bitola in Macedonia. If somebody drop you in Kozani and you need to go Macedonia -Bitola, Skopje that will not be so good. You can ask driver maybe if he could drive you to highway 27 and than driver can go right on petrol station and back to Kozani city. Now you are really on high way and only this road is going to Macedonia, Bitola, Skopje, you could not go anywhere but we did not gave upfrom that place and you need to try to hitchhike there. Cars were driving drive fast but we tried you could catch a ride there and stop car there event (even that is high way but sometimes you do not have any other option). In Greece they really do not like if you say that you will go to Macedonia, better you say that you are going toward Skopje. We were (hitchhiking there in June 2013.)

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